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Poor Man’s Treasure Cake – A Trove Of Desserty Delight

Poor Man’s Treasure Cake – A Trove Of Desserty Delight

Bundt cakes are gorgeous expressions of dessert art.
Or, they are simply tasty cakes with a hole in their center…it all depends on how you look at it. HAHA! Seriously, though, I am a mega fan of this poor man’s treasure cake. It is quite simple to make and tastes amazing. There is a lot of history behind this recipe and the meaning of this cake which you can read about on the next page. I actually had a lot of fun making this cake with my daughter and her friend.
This cake may be called poor man’s treasure cake but there is nothing poor about it. It is indeed a treasure to all who sample its sweetness. I would make, bake, and eat this cake all day long, folks. I hope you like it as much as my family and I do.
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Many of you may not know this but this cake is actually made and eaten during the Feast celebrations of the Catholic faith. This cake is in light of St. Francis. I am not Catholic but I think it is very special how these sacred days are honored.I made this cake and after my first bite was completely smitten by its alluring flavor. I bet some of my Catholic friends wish it was a Feast day every day after eating this dessert.
Take a look at what my pals over at Bless Us O Lord had to say about this great recipe:
The cake recipe has been passed down from my 94-year-old grandma. It is called a Poor Man’s Cake because when my grandma was young, butter and eggs — traditional cake ingredients — were dear (expensive), and raisins, nuts, and spices were plentiful.
Oh, how I love heirloom recipes. Thank you for sharing this with us, Barbara.


3 cups Gold Medal flour
2 cups water

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